Environmental Monitoring

Conventional survey techniques for monitoring cliff erosion, beach profiling and flood risk management are often costly due to the time required on site, and laboured due to the difficulties associated with access.

Geodime works at the forefront of developments in such monitoring, using our world-leading UAVs and skilled pilots in combination with conventional survey technology. We utilise our experience to provide highly accurate and full colour terrain models, with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) analysis providing your monitoring solution.

By re-visiting the sites at regular intervals we are able to run detailed model comparisons to quantify degrees of erosion or deposition. Such techniques may also be applied to man-made structures, including retaining walls, embankments and dams for stability analysis.

We are working closely with leading academic institutions to further research in this field and look forward to publishing the results. Our innovative approach sets us apart, so contact us to discuss how Geodime can provide your monitoring solution.