Site Engineering

At Geodime, we have years of experience in producing or modifying 3D earthworks models, to get the groundworks right and to make sure the extraction of design from plan to ground is as seamless as possible.

We can then export models to upload to our survey instruments to set out conventionally, and we offer a full range of setting out services.

For our clients with machine control capabilities we create and upload the models, set up base stations, establish site control and verify the accuracy of the machine’s automated responses.

Throughout the earthworks we routinely survey, usually with drone, to keep track of complex material movements and verify levels, producing isopachyte models as a guide. On completion we will produce a reconciliation of actual material moved with clear visuals to aid negotiation of final payment. We our proud of our track record in negotiation.

Once groundworks are complete we can then monitor construction, creating scaled, accurate ortho-photos at regular intervals for documentation and to keep project managers informed of progress on site.