Terrain Modelling and Mapping

Geodime uses multiple sensors to capture 3D information across large sites. Typically, we will use drone-based photogrammetry to capture bare surfaces and to generate a 2D overlay. GPS, total stations, or laser scanners on the ground can add the detail that will be missed by the drone to a high level of accuracy.

Drone-mounted LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) gives us the ability to penetrate vegetation cover and survey the ground surface for example beneath trees, or to model the tree canopy for shading analysis or biomass calculations.

Deliverables include a survey drawn conventionally, contoured and with an ortho-photo overlain to aid comprehension in site analysis. The data can be formatted and layered according to your specifications, to provide the product you need. We are also able to provide fly-throughs and deliver the data in a point cloud format.