Geodime uses drone-based imagery and ground-based sensors to carry out inspections of any subject. We can combine 4K video footage with high resolution thermal and multispectral imagery in 3D models to identify the features you need. 

Visual inspections of buildings an structures can aid planning processes and identify areas requiring repair and maintenance.

Inspections for precision agriculture can highlight areas of stressed crops and guide the application of water, pesticides or fertiliser, using drone based thermal or multi-spectral cameras. This data can be analysed to derive models then suitable for upload into tractors with automated dispensing systems and differential GPS.

Our thermal inspections can be used for many purposes, such as:

  • Inspecting photo voltaic solar cells
  • Identifying hotspots on landfill sites
  • Assessing overheating motors in a quarry
  • Determining the presence of wildlife species

We utilise a range of technologies to conduct the inspection you need, so contact us to discuss your project.