Induction Videos and Safety Boards

Geodime offers induction videos and safety boards, customised to your requirements for a clear visual tool to improve safety in your workplace. Our site-specific videos enhance the traditional induction briefing, using visual aids and multilingual narration to provide a site walkthrough as a general or role-specific induction.

Safety boards provide an important part of both keeping a site safe and coordinating emergency responses. We use aerial images annotated with safety features, routes and hazards. Safety boards can be placed at the entrance to sites as a map and ensure that visitors are guided through the hazards of a site. Our safety boards are printed in solid plastic at any size.

We use industry leading drones and film equipment to produce visually stunning 4K videos and aerial photographs that can both identify potential hazards from the comfort of the site office and show off your site for a variety of purposes. We will create a safety product tailored to each site and customised based on your needs.