The new Geodime logo

The new Geodime logo

March has seen the decision to restructure and rebrand the company as Geodime Ltd to reflect the dual aspects of aerial and traditional based survey activities.

Managing Director Simon Briggs will retain responsibility for the land survey division and Rhiannon Walker will lead aerial survey development as Aerial Division Manager. Rhiannon has the responsibility to pursue aerial work, potential applications and business opportunities in the aerial sector, underpinned and supported by our strong geomatics foundation.

At this time, we would like to express our thanks to all those who have helped us with this exciting development.

Special thanks to all the whole team at Iconique Images who have expertly presented our vision through our new website design; Guy Kantorowich for his outstanding photographs and Tom Hewitt for his continued excellent design work.

The team at Geodime are very excited at the forthcoming challenges, and are so grateful to everyone that has contributed to the success of the business to date.