Environmental Policy

Geodime Ltd. is a specialist land and aerial surveying company, based in West Sussex, UK. Our mission as an organisation is to provide our diverse range of clients with consistent, efficient and professional services, with high accuracy Geomatics at its core. We seek to ensure that all of our activities are compliant with all relevant environmental legislation, operating as a responsible and ethical organisation striving for continual improvement. This page sets out our environmental policy.

Geodime recognises that work activities can have a profound impact on our local, regional and global environment. We therefore ensure our staff, working practices and business relationships are committed to protecting, conserving and enhancing all aspects of the environment, over which we have control or influence.  We strive to minimise our impact as far as reasonably practicable by considering our use and management of raw materials, emissions to air and water and waste generation.

 We constantly review our working practices and are committed to reducing our impact upon the environment through:

  • Efficient use of natural resources by conserving energy and water, recycling and minimising waste where possible
  • Encouraging sustainable travel practices through strategic scheduling to reduce road miles wherever possible
  • Compliance with environmental legislation, regulations and codes of practice relevant to the industries in which we operate
  • Continual review of our environmental performance through workplace feedback and evaluation, as well as taking account of any changes within legislation itself
  • Requiring our suppliers to provide goods and services with minimum adverse environmental impact, alongside giving preference to environmentally aware suppliers, whenever possible
  • Ensuring that our purchases of goods and materials comply fully with UK government and EU legislation and recognised environmental best practice

We communicate this policy to all employees and ensure all members of staff are given appropriate training to raise awareness of environmental issues.