About Geodime

Founded in 2004, Geodime specialises in the design, development and delivery of high accuracy geomatics solutions for a range of industries.

The success of this operating strategy has enabled our continual progression into emerging markets through the careful evaluation, selection and implementation of new technologies.

In February 2014 the final stages of the company rebrand were completed, with Geodime Ltd. replacing the former Plan-It Geomatics Ltd. An important milestone, reflecting the broader range of services and solutions we offer to clients.

Having observed the establishment of high accuracy second generation Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for aerial surveying, we have invested in this technology to complement our traditional land based surveying services, ensuring we continually provide tailored services with a strong client focus.

Committed to investing in UAV research and development, we guarantee the highest standards in safety and innovative deliverables, through established relationships with system providers and academic institutions. We view this as a significant business development and are excited to be working at the forefront of this new technology and within the broader international community.

Our highly trained and experienced staff and the employment of a diverse range of sensors, ensures Geodime offer visionary outputs beyond the conventional, with geomatics at its core.